Spiritual Titles

Lost Steps of Reiki book cover

THe Lost steps of reiki

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery &

Rev. Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-02-7

If you have always thought that Reiki was wonderful but “something was missing,” then join us in the adventure of resurrecting the rest of Reiki. This book contains the channeled words of Wei Chi, a 5000-year-old Tibetan monk and one of the original creators of the healing system which we, today, call Reiki.

Wei Chi delineates the philosophies and methods which were not brought forth by Usui, making Reiki more holistic, cause-oriented and client-centered. Hailed by Reiki practitioners and teachers across the country as empowering, provocative and transformational. Not to be missed by anyone interested in energetic healing.

I am Wei Chi. Five thousand years ago I worked to create the symbols used in Reiki. You must take note. I am here to give you knowledge that has been lost for five thousand years. I am concerned about how Reiki has been brought into this culture. It is an atrocity. It is not about getting out of your own way so that the Universal Life Force can channel through you and bring healing. It is about jockeying for position and power. Master only cares about the intent. We are all one with Master. You must give out this information. It will anger many people. But if it shakes a few pedestals and they topple and the people are caught under them when they fall . . . perhaps that is what was supposed to happen to them and something they needed to learn.


Invisible Armor book cover

invisible armor

by Thomas A. Hensel

ISBN: 1-890405-03-5

How many times have you felt drained after being around a certain person, or in a certain place? After spending a long day at work? With that parent, spouse, child or other family member who seems to envision you as their own, personal doormat? Ever feel just plain bad for no particular reason? If the answer to any of these questions was, YES, then you are definitely ready for this book! Through simple, yet powerful techniques, learn how to take back your life and live more joyfully.

Invisible Armor: Protecting Your Personal Energy helps you develop the skills to identify your personal energy, focus and direct that energy, clarify your personal boundaries, create energetic protection, enforce your new boundaries . . . and much, much more!


Combing the Mirro book cover

combing the mirror

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 1-890405-20-5

This light-hearted book takes an in-depth look at how to address the patterns in your life which keep you disempowered.  Learn to release your past, stay present in your present and create the future you deserve and desire.  Filled with experiential exercises, this book allows the reader to learn and apply the techniques that Dr. Emery has used for many years in his successful spiritual counseling and spiritual coaching work.

Through simple, yet powerful techniques train yourself to take back your life.  This book forms the basis of the powerful Combing the Mirror Coaching™ sessions in which participants work with a trained coach, in person or via telephone, to help apply the exercises contained in the book.

Unlike many ‘self-help’ books, Combing the Mirror addresses the issue that information without action is useless.  Thus, the issues discussed and uncovered in the book are linked with powerful; practical exercises designed to help the reader actualize the insights they receive.  The author jokingly refers to these sections as “Homework . . . the longest four-letter word,” and urges every reader to take the time to apply what they learn.


My Friend Jesus book cover

my friend JEsus

by Kevin Ross Emery, D. Div

ISBN: 978-1890405328

My name is Simon, Simon Peter, but you may call me Simon, and I am here today to talk to you about all the things that were said that I said, that were not said as I said them. Welcome to the channelings of Simon Peter and I, Simon, will be your host.

From Kevin Ross Emery, D. Div: Simon, as he prefers to be called, has become a formidable voice in the reinterpretation of the traditional Judeo-Christian Scriptures. At trance channeling sessions all over the country, Simon has used me as a vehicle to deliver his messages of love and acceptance. I have channeled more than thirty different entities. Over the years, some of the beings I channel have pointed out that I have the ability to channel so many different entities because I was built for it and it is just part of what I came into this lifetime to do. I am now in the process of making the information that has been channeled through me available in multiple media forms.I hope you will find “My Friend Jesus: The Channeled Messages of Simon Peter,” helpful in your spiritual growth. In this book, which has a transcription of a series of tapes LightLines has offered since 1996, you have the opportunity to experience the power and energy of Simon Peter, a truly remarkable being that channels through me. I hope that you, too, will be moved by his eloquence. Thank you.


The Wounded Chalice book cover

THe wounded chalice

Celebrating the Divinity of the Womb

by Mary Grace McManus

ISBN 1-434381-19-4

The Wounded Chalice is about honoring the Divinity of the Womb, the instrument fashioned by God to procreate human beings on this planet. It is the story of every woman, the holder of the most precious temple and the Ark of the Covenant between God and humans.  Women have within their bodies an ark that holds the most precious of gifts, the Secret of Life. That is why I insisted that my uterus be returned to me after its removal from my body.  Without this unique temple the human race would cease to exist.

Follow Mary Grace along her path as she finds her voice and courage after feeling dominated by the patriarchy of our society.  It is time for all women to honor their femininity and role on this planet Earth.  Women are born healers who must begin by healing themselves. Depression is rampant among the nurturers of life because women are not aware of their special gifts.

Women have forgotten the critical importance of the role of Motherhood, for they no longer have access to the inner teachings and mysteries of the sacredness of their bodies and the profound sacredness of motherhood.  You are more than “good enough” to rule this planet alongside your mate.  The Wounded Chalice will help bring awareness to this lost understanding.

Masculinity has been in power for many years. Femininity is now seeking the balance between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as co-creators with the masculine. Honor that fact.  Women, honor yourselves for the role you have chosen.  Free yourself from self-doubt and recrimination.  YOU are the vessel that God used to bring Unconditional Love to this planet.

Is the public ready for this book?  I believe the answer is a resounding YES.


Experiment Earth book cover

experiment earth

Journey Back to the Beginning

        by Kevin Ross Emery &        Thomas A.Hensel

ISBN: 1-890405-15-9

An exciting adventure, tracing the appearance of several channeled entities with messages about the purpose of Earth as a cosmic experiment, the status of that experiment, the place of angels in our lives and much more. Interlaced throughout this story are the words of the Native American Council of Grandmothers, Wei Chi, Ezekiel, Ki (an outspoken extraterrestrial) and even the words of Mother Earth herself!

Set against the backdrop of two traveling, metaphysical healers and their personal quest for greater enlightenment, this book is sure to excite your imagination and quench your thirst for the knowledge about why we are all here on this planet known throughout the universe as Experiment: Earth.


Cheyenne book cover


Journey to Birth

by Mary Grace McManus

ISBN 096649993X

This gripping story of a spirit’s entry into this world is beautifully told through conversations between a mother and child during pregnancy. While struggling to understand the challenges of a lifetime, mother and child experience honesty of the soul and support from the light that escorts life between worlds. Sure to impact our view of life and resonate with any woman who has, or one day will, touch motherhood.

This daring and original book tackles the unprecedented subject of a baby’s spiritual journey as it prepares to enter this world.

Throughout the book, the baby’s spirit prepares to encounter the challenges of life. Fear, forgiveness, giving and Love are a taste of the subjects the child shares. Along the way we witness a profound bond growing between mother and child, shedding light on the ancient and powerful Mother/Child connection.

A few compelling elements stand out in this book: the deliberation by the baby of whether or not to complete its journey to birth, as well as a look at the spiritual support available during pregnancy and into the birth arena where each spirit is escorted into this life. Without trying, the book pushes each reader toward facing his/her own reasons for entering this life.


We can save her

Mother Earth, Climate Change,     and Us

by Rev Lori Powers Otto, PhD

ISBN 978-1890405199

Mother Earth is in an Ecological crisis. This is a wonderfully written look at how we got into this mess and how we can get out of it. Full of references, resources, and ideas, this book will not only inspire you but also give you hope!


Self-Help Titles

Managing the Gift book cover

Managing The Gift 

Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Noted ADD/HD expert, and thought leader, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, illuminates, educates and empowers those who have ADD/HD and those who love them. In this journey you’ll come to understand why Dr. Kevin has been referred to as having the Owner’s Manual to the ADD Brain. Learn why he advocates to manage not medicate and has come to understand why this thing we call ADD/HD is a gift. He views it as part of the evolutionary process and shares how these individuals broaden the bandwidth of humanity.



How to be Hot at Sixty book cover

HOt at Sixty

by Effie A. Velardo
ISBN 1-59286-686-7

You spend twenty-five or more years of your life looking after your husband and children, depending on him for your security and retirement. Then one day, when your children are grown and you are no longer the young, exciting woman he married, your husband asks you for a divorce. You are basically on the street, no job, no security, no health insurance, no resume, no education, and no money. Depression starts to set in. Let me show you how you can regain it all and then some. You can regain your looks, a job, your social life and be better than you ever were. I did it!


Ocean Wisdom book cover

Ocean Wisdom

Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom

by Michelle Hanson

ISBN: 978-0-9795041-0-5

In Ocean Wisdom, the shells offer insights on a variety of topics including survival, victimization, feeling special, feeling flawed, pride, destiny, struggle, faith, sacrifice, and judgment. They have much to share on the subject of love.

The second half of Ocean Wisdom introduces the concept of shells as energy tools. Shells are crystals derived from the animal kingdom and connected to the water element. There is much to gain from working with the energy in their matrix.

Ocean Wisdom concludes with a rebirthing guided meditation. A kahuna sounds the call alerting the oceanic realm that you are about to embark on this sacred journey. The image for each seashell chakra partner can be found on the back cover.

You can experience the guided meditation two ways: Follow along with the text or listen to the companion CD.

64 page 8.5″X11″ book

50 full-color shell photos

Companion CD


Managing the Gift of Your ADD/HD Child

Managing the gift of your add/hd child

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

ISBN: 978-1890405106

THIS BOOK WILL CHALLENGE THE MAINSTREAM THINKING OF ADD/HD: • Dr. Kevin sees this as an evolutionary process and as such we need to allow it to adjust the environment and work with it, not medicate it. • The goal of that process is to broaden the bandwidth of humanity, not to replace non-ADD/HD people but to “ADD” to them. • ADD/HD people over the last century have been creating a more ADD/HD friendly and challenging environment with technology such as computers and interactive games. • ADD/HD individuals are not broken, not disabled, do not need to be fixed and are mostly handicapped by a series of choices that oftentimes they don’t know or understand why they are making. • There is a need to separate what is really an ADD/HD issue and what is an issue of the ADD/HD person living in a non- ADD/HD. In this book parents are given insights, tools and skills to help empower the ADD/HD child in their life. The reader takes this journey through first understanding, then parenting, teaching guiding and supporting, learning how to embrace their child’s gifts and talents on their terms. This can be accomplished without having to sacrifice brilliance, creativity or unique ways of seeing or being in the world through the overuse of medication or behavior modification techniques that destroy their self-worth and self-esteem. Dr. Kevin’s work with ADD/HD children and adults helps them better self-manage their ADD/HD gifts while also assisting parents, educators and other support systems to better understand and support them. He also specializes in helping ADD/HD driven businesses to thrive.


Famous People book cover

Famous people with ADHD

Are you one waiting to happen?

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery


Artist or athlete, actor or inventor, is there a billionaire in you waiting to happen? In this book, we will examine why there are so many famous ADD/HD individuals who flourished—in everything from the arts and entertainment to sports, business and world politics. We will break down the different areas in which the ADD or ADHD individual thrives, based on their color of ADD/HD.



OCean oracle

What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature

by Michelle Hanson

Kit with Book & Cards

Everyone remembers spending a day at the beach as a child collecting seashells, but what if those seashells were more than just pretty objects? What if those shells could actually tell you something about your hidden thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes? “Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature” is the bridge to learning this secret language. Simply put, seashells function as tools that enable us to speak with our subconscious, allowing the inner self to communicate the information it considers most valuable for our growth. By listening to the shells with the guidance of “Ocean Oracle,” you can tap into your own innate wisdom and joy. Included with the kit are: “Ocean Oracle” book, 200 shell cards in full color, 2 Posters.





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Fiction Titles

Invitation book Cover

The Invitation

by Ross Buzzell

ISBN: 978-1890405298

Book 1: Paradox Prophecies

Who is the mysterious Lord Thaddeus Cumshaw Stephens and why has he invited eight powerful, yet dormant, psychics to the annual sexual abuse benefit in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? This is the question on everyone’s mind until one of the caterers dies a violent death surrounded by witnesses who saw no one. Pulled inexorably into an increasingly supernatural investigation, which asks more questions than it answers, the reluctant group of psychics must learn to trust one another, against their better judgment, and do what is right. But sometimes what one believes is right is wrong and what appears to be good is evil, especially when it involves The Paradox Prophecies.


The God Conspiracy

by Ross Buzzell

Book 2: Paradox Prophecies

Title releasing early 2021

poetry Titles

Spirals Poetry Book


by Kevin Ross Emery

ISBN 978-1890405311

Spirals are woven throughout our life. We begin life at the center and journey out. Then, at various points, we journey back in. Taking all that life has shown us and taught us, giving us, and even taken from us. Hopefully allowing it to transform, change and evolve us. I teach my students and clients about the spirals of healing, the spirals of understanding, the spirals of consciousness, among others. In this collection of poetry are both poems that represent my journey out into the world and my journey back into my inner self. I hope you enjoy this journey.


Angst, Drama Queens & Victimhood

by Kevin Ross Emery

ISBN: 978-1890405892

Thirty years of poetry are represented in this collection. Love of pets, and people. Young love. Familial love. The sticky sweet of a new romance turns, a few pages later, to the bitterness of goodbye. See the span of learning as teenage angst slowly grows into the comfort of middle-aged domesticity.



Kaleidoscopes book cover


by Kevin Ross Emery


As the kaleidoscope turn, so do the colors and shapes we see. The same can be said of the heart. The stages and phases of love color our world. Love colors how we see it but also how we interact with it, whether in love, out of love, looking for love or avoiding it. The lens of the kaleidoscope turns. This collection of poetry is several spins of that lens.


Rainbows book cover


by Kevin Ross Emery


No Matter how hard we would like to make things, people, places or events in our life black & white they are all truly filled with the colors of the rainbow.


Rainbows and Beyond book cover

Rainbows and Beyond

by Kevin Ross Emery

ISBN 978-1890405311

When we are young everything in the moment is what counts; anything that is delayed is too far away. I titled my very first poetry collection Rainbows over 30 years ago—now available on Kindle, there are a few newer poems in this collection. In Rainbows, everything had the eye of the young man who lived with his heart upon his sleeve, lived loudly, passionately and, at times, dramatically. Rainbows and Beyond shows the process of maturing when you learn to accept rain comes both before and after the rainbow. You may even learn to appreciate the growth that happens because of the rain. Enjoy!


Thoughts from a Renaissance Man

thoughts from a Renaissance Man

by Kevin Ross Emery

ISBN: 978-1890405892

Being and becoming all the most you can be in any lifetime has always been my goal. Being a Renaissance Man is integral part of that process.






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