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Welcome to the wonderful world of LightLines.  Through this company, I seek to offer as many tools as possible for spiritual growth.  I do not believe that any one dogma, doctrine, or individual can be solely responsible for your growth, nor do they have “the way” for you.  Instead, I am privileged to offer you many paths that lead in the right direction.

I look at a person’s life as set of experiences, which are building blocks in their own pathway to enlightenment.  My goal is to reach out and light as many lights as possible, and by doing so, to help weave a web of light throughout this planet. 

I work to achieve this in as many ways as possible, through private sessions, lectures, workshops, trainings, printed books and e-books, course tapes, audio books, and DVDs.

Kevin Ross Emery


Leon Guerrero

Consect Adipis

Invitation book Cover

  • The Invitation, a novel
  • Book 1: Paradox Prophecies
  • by Ross Buzzell
  • ebook $9.95
  • paperback $14.95
  • Released: Spring 2020

My Friend Jesus book cover

  • My Friend Jesus
  • The Channeled Messages of Simon Peter
  • by Kevin Ross Emery
  • ebook $9.95
  • paperback $14.95
  • Releasing: Summer 2020

Spirals Poetry Book

  • Spirals
  • a collection of poetry by
  • Kevin Ross Emery
  • ebook $9.95
  • paperback $14.95
  • Releasing: Summer 2020