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The Channeled Messages of Simon Peter (Audio Cassette) On Sale!

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery with commentary by Dr. Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-08-6

Channeling through Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, the outspoken presence of Simon Peter has amazed and awed audiences all over the country. His messages are now available in this six tape series, almost six full hours of channeling! Simon has channeled a rewrite of his New Testament books as well as a rewrite of the Lord’s Prayer. Other topics include discourses on the true nature and personality of Jesus, the nature of miracles, the message of Christ’s ascension and much, much more! This tape series is a powerful tool for healing and clarification, helping to bridge traditional Christian messages with a quest for personal, spiritual truth in today’s age.

6 hours, 6 Audio Cassettes.


Now only $19.95!

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