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The Lost Steps of Reiki (DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ASIN: 1890405256

Have you ever felt that Reiki was missing something? Was part of a larger system? Could be more intuitive and powerful? This live, 2 hour class features the creator of the Wei Chi System of Natural Healing, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery. Dr. Kevin leads you through an alternative history of Reiki – unknown to most Usui practitioners – and describes the life and times of Reiki’s original creative force, the Tibetan shaman Wei Chi.

Dr. Kevin explores the differences between Usui Reiki as it arrived in the West from its original, holistic form practiced in Wei Chi’s day and how we can apply those philosophies and techniques to Reiki today. A must for seekers and Reiki practitioners, this class is challenging, entertaining, and above all, informative. Discover what has been missing from Reiki all this time!




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