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Prosperity and Manifestation (Audio Cassettes)

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Dr. Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-00-0

Do you ever feel blocked from abundance & prosperity? If the answer is, YES, then this class is a MUST!!! Join Dr. Kevin Ross Emery & Dr. Tommy Hensel as they teach you how to redefine prosperity and make conscious, empowering, daily decisions which create an aura of abundance around you. Prosperity & Manifestation is a two-hour class designed to help you break through your blocks and magnetize yourself to the unlimited abundance and prosperity of the universe. Find your “pot-o-gold” at the end of the rainbow . . . and live a fuller, more empowered life as you become magnetic to joy & abundance in every area of your life! This tape also includes a 15-minute meditation designed to help you attract abundance through each of your chakras! This meditation can be used over and over again, each time focusing on a specific type of prosperity.

2 hours, Audio Cassette.



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