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Ocean Wisdom: Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom

by Michelle Hanson
ISBN 978-0-9795041-0-5

In Ocean Wisdom, the shells offer insights on a variety of topics including: survival, victimization, feeling special, feeling flawed, pride, destiny, struggle, faith, sacrifice, and judgment. They have much to share on the subject of love.

The second half of Ocean Wisdom introduces the concept of shells as energy tools. Shells are crystals derived from the animal kingdom, and connected to the water element. There is much to gain from working with the energy in their matrix.

Ocean Wisdom concludes with a rebirthing guided meditation. A kahuna sounds the call alerting the oceanic realm that you are about to embark on this sacred journey. The image for each seashell chakra partner can be found on the back cover.

You can experience the guided meditation two ways: Follow along with the text, or listen to the companion CD.

64 page 8.5″X11″ book

50 full-color shell photos

Companion CD



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