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Necklace EMF Resonance Shield

Living Well's Safe~Connect Plus+

Safe Connect Plus’s Body Shield (200+ Encoded Balancing Frequencies) is worn around the
neck with an adjustable cord. A small addition to the cord is the button shield that sits directly on
the spine. This direct contact with the central nervous system yields greater results. Many
individuals experience a sense of wellbeing, balance, relaxation, and new circulation where there
had been constriction from stress. Some individuals experienced tingling or even a temporary
sense of lightheadedness or euphoria due to the removal of built-up static electricity (EMFs) in
their nervous system.

A common response is a sense of having more energy, better sleep, less general pain and
mental clarity. Occasionally, a person who is very toxic when wearing the shield may experience
the elimination of toxic waste from their body. Results may vary.

Five colors/images to choose from.

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