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The Lost Steps of Reiki: Transforming an Ancient Healing Art
(Audio Cassette)

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Dr. Thomas A. Hensel

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery & Dr. Thomas A. Hensel lead you through a two hour voyage of discovery. Learn how to integrate the messages of Wei Chi into the tradition of Usui Reiki, to create a more holistic, cause-oriented approach to your practice. Gain greater insights into the original philosophies, practices and training of this powerful and empowering healing art.

If you have always thought Reiki was wonderful, but “something was missing,” then join us in the adventure of resurrecting the rest of Reiki. Not a new system, but the true system as it was originally meant to be practiced. This two-hour class is based on the channeled teachings of Wei Chi, a 5000 year-old Tibetan monk, one of the original creators of the system which we today call Reiki.

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Dr. Tommy Hensel lead you through Wei Chi’s philosophies and teachings, discussing how to integrate the Wei Chi information with traditional Usui training.  A must for any Reiki practitioner.

. 2 hours, Audio Cassette.



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