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The Lost Steps of Reiki: The Channeled Teachings of Wei Chi

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Rev. Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-02-7

If you have always thought that Reiki was wonderful but “something was missing,” then join us in the adventure of resurrecting the rest of Reiki. This book contains the channeled words of Wei Chi, a 5000 year old Tibetan monk and one of the original creators of the healing system which we, today, call Reiki.

Wei Chi delineates the philosophies and methods which were not brought forth by Usui, making Reiki more holistic, cause-oriented and client-centered. Hailed by Reiki practitioners and teachers across the country as empowering, provocative and transformational. Not to be missed by anyone interested in energetic healing.

I am Wei Chi. Five thousand years ago I worked to create the symbols used in Reiki. You must take note. I am here to give you knowledge that has been lost for five thousand years. I am concerned about how Reiki has been brought into this culture. It is an atrocity. It is not about getting out of your own way so that the Universal Life Force can channel through you and bring healing. It is about jockeying for position and power. Master only cares about the intent. We are all one with Master. You must give out this information. It will anger many people. But if it shakes a few pedestals and they topple and the people are caught under them when they fall . . . perhaps that is what was supposed to happen to them and something they needed to learn.


57 pages, softcover.



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