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Home EMF Resonance Shields

Living Well's Safe~Connect Plus+

Safe Connect Plus Home Shields soften and reformat the electrical emissions with 200+ encoded
balancing frequencies for home or office. This thoroughly exposes the electrical current to a
natural subtle energy field of harmonious waves. Each Home Shield unit carries the same energy
field as Schumann Resonance. This field is composed of a range of frequencies that are vital to
our health and keep us safe and “grounded”.

Even though these plug-in units are created with an LED bulb, the bulb will eventually go out, but
the energetic harmonious field will not stop being emitted – thus they last forever. Just plug it into
any outlet and it will make that home and office safe from the weakening effects of electrical
wiring, appliances, computers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Assorted Flower Design.

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