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Our "Spiritual Development Series" are DVDs taken from live classes!

Are You Psychic (DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 978-1-890405-26-7

Have you ever wondered Are You Psychic? Discover the answer in this informative and uplifting DVD.


Dream Interpretation (2 Disc DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 978-1-890405-06-9

Throughout human history, dreams have fascinated and intrigued us with a reality separate from our consciousness. Portals to our subconscious, dreams provide insights to our present situation,our potential future, and help us learn from our past lives.


Ghosts: The Truth About Earthbound Spirits & Apparitions (DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 1-890405-28-1

Explore the fantastical realm of Ghosts with renowned spiritual advisor and intuitive, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery.


Keys To Prosperity (DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 978-1-890405-30-4

Do you ever feel blocked from prosperity? Do you have difficulty manifesting the life you want? If the answer is ‘yes’ – then this DVD is the answer.


Reincarnation (DVD)

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 978-1-890405-23-6

Reincarnation, past life, the everlasting existence of the soul— these are just some of the topics covered in this exciting and informative lecture with renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Kevin Ross Emery.



The Lost Steps of Reiki (DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ASIN: 1890405256

Have you ever felt that Reiki was missing something? Was part of a larger system? Could be more intuitive and powerful? This live, 2 hour class features the creator of the Wei Chi System of Natural Healing, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery.


Pendulums (DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ASIN 1890405248

Pendulums the DVD was developed to help you better understand and work with this fascinating divination tool. Pendulums have been used throughout the ages to enlighten, heal and direct. With this video it’s your turn to bring the power of the pendulum to life.


Managing The Gifts of ADD/HD: Exploring Your Unlimited Potential for Greatness (3 Disc DVD)

with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ASIN 1890405868

Noted ADD/HD expert, author and thought leader, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, illuminates, educates and empowers those who have ADD/HD and those who love them. In this journey...


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