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Cheyenne: Journey to Birth

by Mary Grace McManus

This gripping story of a spirit’s entry into this world is beautifully told through conversations between a mother and child during pregnancy. While struggling to understand the challenges of a lifetime, mother and child experience honesty of the soul and support from the light that escorts life between worlds. Sure to impact our view of life and resonate with any woman who has, or one day will, touch motherhood.

This daring and original book tackles the unprecedented subject of a baby’s spiritual journey as it prepares to enter this world.

Throughout the book, the baby’s spirit prepares to encounter the challenges of life. Fear, forgiveness, giving and Love are a taste of the subjects the child shares. Along the way we witness a profound bond growing between mother and child, shedding light on the ancient and powerful Mother/Child connection.

A few compelling elements stand out in this book: the deliberation by the baby of whether or not to complete its journey to birth, as well as a look at the spiritual support available during pregnancy and into the birth arena where each spirit is escorted into this life. Without trying, the book pushes each reader toward facing his/her own reasons for entering this life.

141 pages, softcover.



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