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The Wounded Chalice: Celebrating the Divinity of the Womb

by Mary Grace
ISBN 1-434381-19-4

The Wounded Chalice is about honoring the Divinity of the Womb, the instrument fashioned by God to procreate human beings on this planet. It is the story of every woman, the holder of the most precious temple and the Ark of the Covenant between God and humans.  Women have within their bodies an ark that holds the most precious of gifts, the Secret of Life. That is why I insisted that my uterus be returned to me after its removal from my body.  Without this unique temple the human race would cease to exist.

Follow Mary Grace along her path as she finds her voice and courage after feeling dominated by the patriarchy of our society.  It is time for all women to honor their femininity and role on this planet Earth.  Women are born healers who must begin by healing themselves. Depression is rampant among the nurturers of life because women are not aware of their special gifts.

Women have forgotten the critical importance of the role of Motherhood, for they no longer have access to the inner teachings and mysteries of the sacredness of their bodies and the profound sacredness of motherhood.  You are more than “good enough” to rule this planet alongside your mate.  The Wounded Chalice will help bring awareness to this lost understanding.

Masculinity has been in power for many years. Femininity is now seeking the balance between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as co-creators with the masculine. Honor that fact.  Women, honor yourselves for the role you have chosen.  Free yourself from self-doubt and recrimination.  YOU are the vessel that God used to bring Unconditional Love to this planet.

Is the public ready for this book?  I believe the answer is a resounding YES.





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