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Cell Phone & Watch EMF Resonance Shields

Living Well's Safe~Connect Plus+

These EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Shields can be attached to all cell and cordless phones,
blow dryers, and on the backside of watches. The shields contain 200+ encoded balancing
frequencies that transform heavy mobile phone radio-microwave transmissions into a subtle
harmonious energy. Safe Connect Plus’s EMF Resonance Shields help neutralize stress when
phones are held to the head and anywhere else on the body. What was harmful is now
reformatted to strengthen the body.

The Bluetooth Shield is proportional to a Bluetooth headset. It is just as effective. These shields
never deplete, thus never need to be replaced. Safe Connect Plus’s EMF Shields have been
clinically tested and approved using Live Blood Cell Analysis, Thermography, Electro-Dermal
Screening, and professional testing with Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Response Testing with
trained physicians.

Once attached, the shields don’t effect the operation to the phone, watch, blow dryer or small

Four Colors/Images to choose from.

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