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Managing The Gift of Your ADD/HD Child

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

THIS BOOK WILL CHALLENGE THE MAINSTREAM THINKING OF ADD/HD: Dr. Kevin sees this as an evolutionary process and as such we need to allow it to adjust the environment and work with it, not medicate it.


Cheyenne: Journey to Birth

by Mary Grace McManus

This gripping story of a spirit’s entry into this world is beautifully told through conversations between a mother and child during pregnancy.


Combing the Mirror: And Other Steps in Your Spiritual Path

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 1-890405-20-5

This light-hearted book takes an in-depth look at how to address the patterns in your life which keep you disempowered. 


Experiment Earth: Journey Back to The Beginning

by Kevin Ross Emery and Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-15-9

An exciting adventure, tracing the appearance of several channeled entities with messages about the purpose of Earth as a cosmic experiment, the status of that experiment, the place of angels in our lives and much more.


How To Be Hot at Sixty

by Effie A. Velardo
ISBN 1-59286-686-7

You spend twenty five or more years of your life looking after your husband and children, depending on him for your security and retirement.


Invisible Armor: Protecting Your Personal Energy

by Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN: 1-890405-03-5

Do you ever feel drained after being around a certain person or in a particular place? ... Ever feel ‘just plain bad’ for no discernible reason?

If the answer to any of these questions was “YES,” then you are in need of “Invisible Armor.”


Los Pasos Perdidos de Reiko: Las Enseñanzas Canalizadas De Wei Chi

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Rev. Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-02-7

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery ha venido canalizando por muchos años, participando como receptor de numerosas entidades. Derrepente, una tarde fascinante en diciembre de 1995, ¡Comenzó a canalizar una entidad nueva y extraordinaria! Ésta, es la historia de Wei Chi.


Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 1-890405-21-3

The A.D.D. impacted person is part of the evolutionary process of humanity. It is time to acknowledge that these people have many gifts and insights that can help us move more clearly into the 21st century. They possess a kind of intelligence that allows them to go where we have never gone before.


Ocean Wisdom: Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom

by Michelle Hanson
ISBN 978-0-9795041-0-5

In Ocean Wisdom, the shells offer insights on a variety of topics including: survival, victimization, feeling special, feeling flawed, pride, destiny, struggle, faith, sacrifice, and judgment. They have much to share on the subject of love.


The Lost Steps of Reiki: The Channeled Teachings of Wei Chi

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Rev. Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN 1-890405-02-7

If you have always thought that Reiki was wonderful but “something was missing,” then join us in the adventure of resurrecting the rest of Reiki.


The Wounded Chalice: Celebrating The Divinity of the Womb

by Mary Grace
ISBN 1-434381-19-4

The Wounded Chalice is about honoring the Divinity of the Womb, the instrument fashioned by God to procreate human beings on this planet. It is the story of every woman, the holder of the most precious temple and the Ark of the Covenant between God and humans. 


We Can Save Her: Mother Earth, Climate Change, and Us

by Rev. Lori Powers Otto PHD
ISBN 1-890405-19-1

Mother Earth is in an Ecological crisis. This is a wonderfully written look at how we got into this mess and how we can get out of it. Full of references, resources, and ideas, this book will not only inspire you but also give you hope! 


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