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Invisible Armor: Protecting Your Personal Energy

by Thomas A. Hensel
ISBN: 1-890405-03-5

Do you ever feel drained after being around a certain person or in a particular place? Is there someone in your life who has decided that you are their personal doormat? Ever feel ‘just plain bad’ for no discernible reason?

If the answer to any of these questions was “YES,” then you are in need of “Invisible Armor.” With the simple yet powerful techniques described in this book, you will learn how to block the negative energies around you, pull in the positive and to manifest those things you need to live your life more joyfully.

Invisible Armor: Protecting Your Personal Energy helps you develop the skills to identify your personal energy, focus and direct that energy, clarify your personal boundaries, create energetic protection, enforce your new boundaries . . . and much more!

142 pages, softcover.



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