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Managing the Gift Daily Practices (Audio CD)

by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 1-890405-22-1

The A.D.D. impacted person is part of the evolutionary process of humanity. It is time to acknowledge that these people have many gifts and insights that can help us move more clearly into the 21st century. They possess a kind of intelligence that allows them to go where we have never gone before.

What is our reaction? We complain that they are inconvenient – that they do not “fit in the box.” We often decide that the best option is to medicate and try to forget them. Well, change is long over due…and many of our institutions and paradigms will need to shift in the process. That, too, is long overdue.

Managing the Gift Daily Practices CD provides instruction on daily tools and excercises for those gifted with A.D.D..




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